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Registration on the international exhibitions 2CACIB " Gold Coast - 2012 " and " the White acacia - 2012 " which will pass in Odessa on May, 12 and 13, 2012 is started.
     Odessa was founded in 1794 by Catherine the Great. In 1764 the Empress formed the territories newly acquired in the south-west other empire into a province called Novorossiya. During the Russian-Turkish war of 1787-91, Don Josef de Ribas, a soldier of fortune born in Naples of Spanish and Irish stock and one of many adventures in Catherine's service, stormed the fortress of Yeny-Dunai at Khadzhibei. De Ribas and his close collaborator, a Dutch engineer named Franz de Volan, recommended Khadzhibei as the site for the region's principal port. Its harbor was deep and nearly ice-free. Breakwaters, on the model of those found at Naples,Livorno and Ancona, could be cheaply constructed and would render the harbor safe even for large fleets. The Governor General of Novorossiya, Prince Platon Zubov - one of Catherine's favorites - gave decisive support to the latter proposal. In 1794, Catherine gave it her approval. She immediately sent twenty-six thousand roubles to de Ribas and de Volan to build a harbor. This new settlement was given the name Odessa.
   Odessa is a member of the World Federation of Twinned Cities. Of all Ukrainian cities, it has been twinned with the greatest number of cities around the world (17): Alexandria (Egypt), Baltimore (USA), Calcutta (India), Genoa (Italy), Haifa (Israel), Liverpool (Great Britain), Marseilles (France), Oulu (Finland), Tripoli (Libya), Valencia (Spain), Vancouver (Canada), Yokohama (Japan) and others. Odessa is constantly hosting exhibits, symposia, and conferences. It is the site of consulates and trade commissions of many countries, and dozens of branches of friendship and cultural exchange societies are active in the city. Many roads lead to Odessa, for this city is hospitable, cheerful, and picturesque. Every year approximately 100,000 tourists visit Odessa, attracted by its boulevards and Potyomkinsky stairs, beautiful beaches, numerous new structures and the unusual architecture of old Odessa.